Saying Goodbye (Post Olympic Retirements)

Murakami Mai is retiring after Worlds. Only doing beam and floor


What a way to only do beam and floor! Skipping the AA still garnered Murakami and Andrade multiple EF medals.

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Sharing this routine of Murakami’s to celebrate the end of an illustrious career. What an artist she has always been!!!

Many are familiar with her EF FX routine from the Junior Japan meet in 2009 in which she competed a DLO, Silivas, front full + Rudi + FF, and a triple full dismount. A lot of people don’t know she competed a 3.5 on floor in the AA competition. Cheers to one of the greatest dancers we’ve had in the open-ended code!!


I love that forward roll entry to her starting pose. She was so adorable.

And her happy “やった!” after nailing a quad turn on beam. Did she ever compete the skill?


I think the most she ever competed was an Okino

Teremoto Asuka has also retired:

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Lilia Akhaimova is retiring due to chronic back issues.


Lilia Akhaimova is retiring due to chronic form issues

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