Saying Goodbye (Post Olympic Retirements)

So, who of our Olympians have competed their final elite level routine, at least for now?

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Sam Mikulak
Epke Zonderland
Oksana Chusovitina
Kohei Uchimura
MyKayla Skinner

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I’m very curious about this too.

I know someone out here has a complete list of athletes for sure slated to start NCAA, and then a list of athletes who may/may not but said they would start NCAA.

And I’m most curious about people like Andrade. Mai. Steingruber. Iordache looks like she’s continuing but good Lord. Is Ferrari done now? Ellie Black? Saraiva? Sanne? Melnikova? Lorette Charpy?? Derwael?

Lots of long-time names might be done-zo after this one. 3 years isn’t that long, but it isn’t nothing either. Kind of an exciting time, I think there’s going to be a lot of turnover. I imagine this Covid Olympics took a lot out of some people.

I was wondering if Ferrari using "Time to Say Goodbye " as her music was a message.


I definitely think Ferrari is done. She kept going for all that time largely because she wanted an Olympic medal and now she got one. I think it’s a fitting ending for her career.

Conversely, I very much hope Andrade isn’t done. She’s such an incredible talent. She could continue and do so much more.


Have any of the Olympians actually confirmed that they are trying for worlds as well?

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This was my first thought in prelims. I’d love to know the story behind this routine. Was it put together after she qualified for FX or did she have it on the back burner hoping that she’d get to compete it?

retirement announcements from Russia are unusual as all national team members are salaried, so they tend to stick around and take a long time deciding


Usually Valentina just announces Russia’s gymnasts have retired- whether the gymnasts want to retire or not

Perhaps Russia could just announce Valentina’s retirement since she turns 85 next month


That’s interesting. In many cases they haven’t retired, many go on to universiade, continue training in the hope of switching countries or carry on competing at national and city championships.

When Valentina says retirement, she means it as a very literal they are no longer a salaried employee of the ministry of sport


I believe Steingruber specifically said she was done (I think it was in the Swiss press?) and IIRC on the broadcast they said Ellie Black said she was definitely continuing.


World championships is right around the corner.

It is, but for many they already did an extra year

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I thought Sanne said she was done too?

To my knowledge, Uchimura has not retired. I would not be surprised to see him at Worlds.

Pablo Braegger has.

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Alexander Shatilov.

The Chinese gymnasts still have the National Games later this year, but we might see some retirements immediately afterwards. I’m pretty sure Fan Yilin is done. Zhang Jin has indicated she’d like to continue, and Tang Xijing said she wants to try for Paris 2024. I’m unsure about Lu Yufei. Guan Chenchen and Ou Yushan will almost certainly continue–although Ou is so injured I can’t see her getting very far.

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Kohei going to Worlds makes sense since it’s in his home province, but would he continue afterwards?

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Uchimura has said he wasn’t going to announce when he retires.


I will miss Shatilov. It’s not often you see gymnasts of his height competing at the level that he does.