Savs back for nationals? Interview with UF Coach

Jenny was interviewed today on local station and was asked if Savannah Schoenherr was going to take 6th year. Her response was something to the effect “well she can’t take a medical redshirt if she competes this year”. I know she has been posting training videos. Would be a huge bump for UF if she can contribute in vault or bars lineup. Big if still.
Of other note, she said they may rest the line-up for the regional semifinal.

Smart decision, the B team can get the job done easily…as we saw a B team floor line up and they still nearly beat Oklahoma.

I’ve been wondering about Leah Clapper all year. She was a rock on beam in the anchor position. She hasn’t competed it all year. I figured maybe she was injured like Savs, but she has competed floor once at Oklahoma and did an exhibition beam against Kentucky.

It looks like Nguyen is not going to be doing vault anytime soon and seems like Baumann isn’t either since the injury n the first meet of the year. Those Baumanns and their elbowses.

Florida can beat Oklahoma but vault is really where the trouble situation is without Savs and Nya Reed. If they drill the vaults they will be ok with a FTY at the end. I would just have Trinity lead off with a near perfect vault to get the momentum going.