Sarah Finnegan USAG Board

I think it’s great to see former gymnasts in that role but I wish they had picked someone less controversial. A while back there was talk that she was raising money for ABBA (Aborted Babies Born Alive) and telling people it was for anti-trafficking efforts but not telling people her parents ran the organization.

Yes. She certainly isn’t the best choice considering USAGs alleged “movement” in protecting athletes and being an inclusive organization.

It’s clear between this and FLO that they don’t care.

She is somewhat erm, niche, but I wonder how many options they actually had? Bearing in mind we don’t know whether any of the potentially eligible athletes are amongst those anonymously suing USAG. Was there anyone else who was publicly in the running?

Typical USAG, every decision they make lately is a bad one…
It is not a good sign to place a clearly narrow minded individual in such a role.

Can they be decirtified already? Getting sick of their ■■■■■

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