Safe Sport Investigation: 5 Parkettes Coaches (Bill and Donna, J Holman, R. Netwall, H Moroz)

I mean…how did it take this long?

We all saw that CNN documentary in 2003/2004.


Also this tidbit in the comments.

Bailey must be the adult woman who Adex interviewed. IIRC she worked for Gallardo. They flirted and he slapped her on the butt.


so then no wonder Safe Sport didn’t do anything. She is an adult so I don’t think it works that way.

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She says she’s now suicidal, so I can only imagine it was more than a slap on the butt, right?

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Not according to what she said in the interview. She said he slapped her butt and she said she left. And that was all she said.

Discussed on reddit too.

Where are all these interviews and comments?

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The interview was with Adex on Twitch.
Twitch is an app. Adex is the channel owner.

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oh dear god you think I’m that old :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lol! Sorry! I’m old!


It does sound like Bailey Ann must have other issues. Getting a slap on the ass you didn’t ask for or encourage may cause you problems but unless you already have problems it shouldn’t make you suicidal. I don’t think flirting is asking for inappropriate touch but still a slap on the ass is demeaning and a cause for anger and complaints but As adults we have agency to work that stuff out.

I didn’t wanna be the first to say this because, yknow, twitter pitchforks… but yeah. A spank on the ass is horrible behaviour but if it makes you suicidal then there’s obviously more underlying issues at play.

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I was reluctant to say it because I too thought I’d get attacked.

The real villains in this thread were already outed in a documentary years ago. Not saying anything good about Gallardo and something else may eventually come out that’s worse about him but this is where I think now.

Plus, she was an adult. Comparing him in any way to Nassar is really quite disingenuous.

Not saying that the slap was warranted or ok. But she admitted they were being flirty back and forth and then Gallardo did that, well she is partially at fault for flirting.

Doesn’t make it ok he did that, but it is not outright 100% sexual harassment or sexual assault given the flirtation situation.

On top of that Gallardo is married with children. He is a scumbag for flirting with women (and slapping an ass) while he is married, but Bailey should not be flirting with a married man.

Unless Gallardo and his wife got divorced at some point, his twitter profile states he is a father but not husband, so it is unclear.

That said, there is some gray area here between adults, consent, flirtation, and potentially inappropriate touching.

There is potentially more here, and perhaps Bailey wanted more with Christian than flirting and when that didn’t happen this all came out.

Not victim blaming/shaming but this particular scenario has many layers to unpack. This is not cut and dry as sexual abuse (Nassar), or verbal abuse (Haney), or physical and verbal abuse (Parkettes) and involves adults.

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well it was nice meeting you both.