Sabrina Voinea's Floor

This came up in the Doha thread, but it’s worth looking at here, I think, because this gymnast is going to be a beam / floor contender for years to come if she stays healthy.

She’s not even 16 yet — but fantastic tumbling, excellent amplitude on her leaps, good split split position (much improved from a year ago), and great presence. She also is capable of dancing — but not really shown here because there’s so little choreography — I think the background music deduction of 0.5 could realistically be used.

Meanwhile, she has 9 elements C and higher. She could fix BOTH of those by replacing something. I would suggest taking that triple spin out as well as replacing the front tuck with a front layout so she can also remove a leap. That will give her more time to dance.

I had her at 8.5 for this before applying artistry deductions. Her landings are nice and upright and she kept the hops/steps limited, though she seems to have a habit of landing one foot in front of the other — maybe because of an injury she’s nursing?


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I’m not sure she’s a good dancer but I’m sure she can do a iordache like deal.

I was very impressed with both leaps and upgrade on the tumbling side. She’s definitely capable of doing very well on fx

It’s hard to tell because I don’t think we’ve ever seen her do much choreo.

She did the double double as early as 2017, I think. You can see more examples of movement quality in here — again with limited choreo, though I do like that passage before the triple spin, and, again, I think that if the spin was a single and woven into more choreo extending that passage, it would help.

Again, very little choreo and too many skills in 2017

She has undoubtedly improved her form and matured as a performer. But can we stop pretending that she can dance? She clearly lacks any basic dance fundamentals.

What I’d worry most about is her coaching team’s ability to understand the COP and construct clever routines

I’m not saying she’s going to win a dance competition or something like that, but you can absolutely see some quality of movement here and there in the little she does do — good amplitude, dynamics, use of the full body, etc.

Her backhandsprings make me so nervous. They’re a step above Listunova, to me.

Listunova’s look slightly longer at 2023 Championships than they used to, but maybe my eyes deceive me

Listunova’s have always been ridiculous. If she wants to land them in Kazan she needs to start her round off in Moscow.

Agreed. The dance between her 1st and 2nd tumbling line, and prior to her triple turn (as you mentioned) in her 2021 routine are great.

She’s a gymnast I’d love to see with a 3-pass routine; a Silivas, Double Layout, and Front>3/1 is a great routine.