Russia-Ukraine War: Effects on Gymn World

There are millions of Americans that support Putin and Russian actions.

We cannot police all of these people.

But not allowing Russian and Belarussian athletes takes a stand. This is an all or nothing situation.

IOC cannot all Russians to compete as if they weren’t Russia. That kind of sanction is barely a slap on the wrist. They win gold medals either as part of OAR or ROC and go home laughing because they are Olympic champions and RUSSIAN. No matter what IOC says.



there was a reply to this: It is unacceptable to let Russia take a part in any sports after they have killed 184 Ukrainian athletes. Inviting them means supporting war and war crimes. Sports can not stay away from all horrible things they’ve done to Ukraine and to Ukrainian nation


She’s a fucking idiot. There.


I say IOC let Russia send individuals and even send a full team under the Russian flag …

… but with a catch: Only Russian athletes who have never publicly stated or showed support for the war (or who did and publicly withdrew support later) would allowed to attend.

That allows the right athletes to attend but also puts Russia in the awkward situation of trying to scrounge up a 100% anti-war team — or voluntarily not participate. Belarus, same deal.

Chuso, nope, too bad.

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Then we will get an Internet scrubbing cleanse of multiple Russians, sinilar to what China dod to He Kexin before the Beijing Olympics

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This already happens for different reasons. I know of a few athletes I know to have been born in a particular city or region, yet there is no available info other than “born in Moscow”

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Fine. Let them scrub. It just makes the point, having to deny your own bad words.

Well, don’t expect sports sanctions to be lifted on Belarus any earlier than Russia. Today was the first day of joint military action between Russia and Belarus.

I would be fairly certain that if Russia and Belarus are unable to qualify/travel, then 2024 will be the last time that Rhythmic Gymnastics is contested at the Olympics

Have you been watching/reading state media recently? This sounds like something Irina Viner would say on Russian TV.:upside_down_face:


Yes, she does. But in this instance, she’s probably correct. (Yes, I watch state media everyday. It’s unavoidable, the best you can do is laugh at the ridiculousness)

The thing is, literally no one cares about RG outside of the former Soviet Union, so it doesn’t carry much weight.

Exhibit A: a level 4 meet in California

Rhythmic needs to go coed, then i might care. (I am, of course, impressed by the flexibility and precision in catching things that is shown, but i do not think rhythmic should be in the Olympics. I’d rather have acro or tumbling or more artistic spots)


They should allow DMT and Tumbling a “finals only” session. If they can make Parkour a “gymnastics discipline” then they can at least do that.

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Gymnovosti posted this video of Russian soldiers thanking Nikita, Denis, Artur and David. that should disqualify them for the olympics even if Russians could compete

Have any of them acknowledged the video or anything to do with the drone sponsorship?

Maybe an anti-Russian propagandist photoshopped them into the video.

What I meant was there has been discussion in recent weeks about the possibility for Russian athletes to compete internationally if they have not supported the actions in Ukraine. This has resulted in quite a lot of wiping of social media, for instance by Nikita Nagornyy. So I would be surprised if they of them publicly acknowledge this video or the drone sponsorship

from gymternet
I can’t believe Russian MAG used to give me so much joy. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising at this point, but I was still pretty depressed to read that the entire 2020 Olympic gold medal-winning Russian men’s team donated a drone to the Russian army, with soldiers thanking the men in this video. This comes just as the IOC and FIG have been considering bringing Russia and Belarus back in time to qualify for the Paris Games, and while I understand that some people don’t want to see the “politicization” of sports and “feel bad” for the poor, sweet, non-drone-gifting athletes out there…I don’t know, I still think things are kinda worse for Ukrainians, no? And if their athletes are saying “please no Russians so we don’t have to be reminded mid-competition of our friends and families being murdered by their gifts” I feel like we should probably listen.

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Even if they can claim they don;t have public knowledge due to wiping social media clean, they still took part in the pictures. They agreed to be photographed and they posed in the photographs.
Were they expecting these photos to be part of Putin’s OnlyFans page and buried behind a paywall?? LOL

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