Russia-Ukraine War: Effects on Gymn World

I cannot imagine it comes cheap to conscript all your young men and send them hundreds of miles across the country.

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I’m not gonna speculate on Russian economics on a gymnastics forum. But let’s remember Russia continued to fund international sports during its economic meltdown in the 90s. The post-war recovery will be rough. But Russia will still send international delegations no matter what.

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Yes, but then I could have very well been looking at a different source than you, and part of the point of asking for the source is to be on the same page of the discussion as not all sources are created equal or give the same graph.

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Young men here have always been conscripted for military service. In addition to that, some young men who do not have jobs have been conscripted again.

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They haven’t always been sent to Ukraine though. It costs money to transport house and feed tens of thousands of people hundreds of miles away for months at a time.


Running a totally unlikely thought experiment here-- say that Russia (and Belarus) are unable to attend Europeans this year, and thus unable to attend 2023 worlds. What would happen if they somehow get cleared for 2024, and Russia qualifies an AA individual via Euros and (highly unlikely but not impossible) the same two gymnasts on World Cup rankings for every event, thus meaning they send three AA athletes. I don’t think they get to count a team score, but what are the odds of them being allowed to? Edit- I suppose this works with two athletes per event even if they’re not AA, as well, up to what I am sure is a defined limit?

I believe the Turkish men had a similar situation happen for 2020, qualifying four individuals but no team. They did not get a team score and weren’t eligible for team finals

I’ve heard some people are theorising that if Russia can’t compete at Euros they could somehow qualify a continental spot via the Asian route?

I recall that happening, but they also didn’t quite have three on every event, correct?

I read that today too. It would give them something like 95 days instead of 64 until they hit the cutoff.

It’s because our ministry of sport is in the process of leaving UEFA and joining the Asian equivalent. There is speculation that similar will happen across all sports. China has said it will support, and obviously they hold a lot of influence within Asian sports organisations. From a Russian perspective, it’s a sensible move not just a political one, since European countries are less likely to grant visas to Russian athletes and officials.

It makes a lot of sense. Their reputation as a European nation has been forever tarnished. They need to pivot. Query whether some of the “Western” asian nations (particularly Japan and South Korea) will be on board.


Taiwan for WAG and Kazakhstan for MAG were the last to qualify full teams to Worlds.
Russia being part of the Asian Gymnastics Championships would surely eliminate these two countries from Worlds, should the standings be similar to last year’s championships.

They chose not to, but if they had tried, they had a shot of being top 12 (and not competing due to the rules)

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Theoretically, I’m fine with that honestly. Those teams aren’t that good.

(now, if you said Taiwan for MAG, different story! That’s a team with real chops)

IOC statement from today:

Of course, it’s all moot if Russia (or Russian athletes) aren’t allowed to go to Euros, as discussed above.

It’s unlikely that the RGF will remain in UEG. Already some others sports have left their European governing bodies


Though individual athletes could still qualify via the World Cups I’d imagine, if they could somehow find a way to register as neutral. I’m sure a good number of international sports organizing committees are now scrambling to figure out how this would work.

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Yes. Russia need to compete at Euros (or Asian Championships if they do switch) this year to qualify a full team. But they can get the full complement of three individual gymnasts as long as they are allowed to compete at the World Cups in 2024. I don’t think they’d even need the 2024 continental championships because the only restriction on World Cup qualifying places seems to be “one quota place per apparatus per NOC”, so Russia could well get all three that way. Of course tnis is defined “per NOC” and only national federations can enter World Cup events, so Russia/ROC/RGF will in some way have to be an official team even if they aren’t allowed to compete in team competitions.


Olympics 2024: IOC opens door to Russian and Belarusian athletes competing in Paris

BBC reporting on this.