Russia-Ukraine War: Effects on Gymn World

I wish success to all the Ukranian gymnasts in competition at Cottbus. They have all my support. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

This invasion to Ukraine is not justified and not called for. I grieve at this matter. My prayers are with Ukraine and its people.

A thought. Back at WWGym it took me by surprise that Ukraine was going downhill in gymnastics. I hope this is reversed. I truly hope Ukraine will once again become a gymnastics power.

Once again, my support and best wishes to the Ukranian gymnasts at Cottbus, both MAG and WAG.

José M.

It must be a very difficult for Russian gymnasts to speak out freely even if they wanted to given that the Rodionenkos are very close with the Putin regime - wasn’t their son-in-law (Fetisov?) Putin’s Minister of Sport at one time and credited with them being given the head coaching position.

Although Khorkina is no surprise as she was in politics post-retirement and sat in the Russian parliament for the Putin-supporting “United Russia” Party

According to news reports I’ve seen even some of the Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine don’t know why they are there and others were expecting to be welcomed such is the propaganda


I think this is the greatest hope with regard to Ukraine actually winning this thing. That and the amazing courage and heroism of Zelensky. He reminds me of Churchill – but even more so. Everytime there has been a regime change in the former Soviet Union states the leaders are out of there asap before whoever it was that replaced them can either kill or imprison them. But Zelensky stood there and said to Putin “you will be looking at our faces, not our backs.” Its just a true profile in superhuman courage and heroism.

As far as Russian gymnasts not being free to speak out – clearly.


Russians on TikTok have spoken about celebrities silenced after speaking out - tv shows off the air, social media gone. They may be in jail. Speaking out is a hard thing to do especially when you see all the arrests of protesters.


Yes, Slava Fetisov is very buddy buddy with Putin. These days he is “just” a duma member but still very influential.

I will also echo was rlayt said: anyone who speaks out does so at incredible personal risk. Every person you see out protesting against this war in Russia is risking their life. Russians who are outside of Russia must weigh the risks of speaking out against the harm that may come to their families who remain in Russia.

I was surprised at the size and number of protests inside Russia. It tells me Putin is weaker than we thought.


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Also on the Russia/invasion of Ukraine issue, as things stand the athletes are going to struggle to get visas for many international competitions. The UK hosts worlds this year. The Home Secretary has just revoked the visas of the Belarus basketball team because of the Ukraine situation, so I can’t imagine any Russian athletes would be allowed in even if they were actually able to get here. A lot can change between now and October of course, but that’s the position at the moment.

I wonder if we need a Russia Things thread…?

This shit is ugly. And is getting more and more ugly…

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One of the commentators on Eurosport said during the Cross Country skiing yesterday that the Ukrainian Biathlon team has gone home to fight

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The IOC has recommended that International Sports Federations and sport event organizers not allow Russian or Belarussian participation in any international competition.


I wonder how Putin will spin that. The Russian people appear to be unable to use some social media and are being fed misinformation by the bucket.

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Oh crap. Given that it’s an olympic qualifier, that will be awful for the Russian gymnasts to miss it, although they should have no problem in 2023, if things improve. But still.
Anonymous are successfully hacking Russian state media, so hopefully some things are getting through to the citizens there.

Our state media has not been hacked, it was a hoax. However just like everyone else on the internet, we use VPNs when we want to see content not available in our location!


Ah I guess I fell for it then!

Perhaps they managed to hack some websites? I don’t know, but nothing high profile and certainly not any television channels, which I should think are near impossible to hack compared with websites.

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Are VPNs widely used by the general population to seek Western news?

I either misread or was misled, lol.

I’d say VPNs are fairly widely used by everyone under 40. The main purpose usually to watch sporting events or tv series not available here. Foreign affairs are never as popular and there is of course the language barrier but the BBC World News has always been popular.

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I’m not sure if there’s any mechanism to qualify a full team for 2023 worlds if a country didn’t do 2022? There wouldn’t have been last quad anyway. It may mean missing the Olympics as a team.

Also afaik Russia would need to be at Euros this year to qualify for worlds, so it occurs to me now that the UK visa issue doesn’t necessarily arise. Germany probably aren’t going to be up for letting them in either.

I’m sorry, but there simply has to be real consequences for this. Calling them “ROC” just hasn’t worked.

I would feel terrible for the innocent Russian athletes but we simply cannot go on like this.