Russia-Ukraine War: Effects on Gymn World

Here’s hoping everyone in Ukraine is safe right now. Does anybody have any word?


I came here to learn, listen, and support. Gymnastics is my only real connection to Ukraine.


Some Ukrainian gymnasts are at Cottbus right now. I can’t imagine what they must be going through.


Oleg Verniaiev has posted on Instagram. I think some of the Russians are in Italy. A lot are in Cottbus.

I guess they will try to stay? Poland is already seeing an influx of refugees and cottbus is very very close to Poland


Was wondering about that too. Can they even go back (aside from wether they want to). I think Russia either bombed or occupied all airports by now, although it’s been said that Ukraine reclaimed the military one in Kiev.

I cant even imagine how they must be feeling. Hope everyone is safe


The Ukrainian gymnasts did well at Cottbus considering everything that is going on. It’s probably safer to remain out of the country but they are no doubt worrying about their friends and families. With the current draft of 18-60y/o going on I think the MAG will probably have to stay if they decide to back.

I saw this posted on Reddit that Batrona and her coach are getting help from an Italian club so they can train in Italy.


Based on tweets and Reddit, it sounds like the gymnasts in Cottbus will travel straight to Doha, and that the men need to be available for the draft.


You know i got a serb friend who was probably around 6 or 8 when the Balkan war started, and i remember we were talking about the war some years ago and he said back then people never thought it was a possibility until a day before it broke loose, and then it was incredibly fast. It seems we just don’t learn certain things.


It is so heartbreaking. Our family is keeping Ukraine and its people in our constant prayers.


I fear this is only the beginning of a different era… today putin threatened Finland and Sweden with retaliation if they join nato, which they could very possibly do given the circumstances. This is all not looking well, and i guess China will join with Taiwan soon enough

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Not that it makes any difference to the situation, but I hope the Ukrainian gymnasts competing at Cottbus this weekend receive all the love and support the crowd can possibly muster for them.


Have any Russian gymnasts or gym coaches spoken out?

It’s just an awful situation all around.

FIG has today announced some sanctions to Russia (and Belarus). It won’t help the situation, of course, but at least it’s a stand, I guess:

Not explicitly, but Nagornyi shared a post on his IG stories yesterday. The translation wasn’t super clear, but it was an organisation that seemed to be part of the Russian army and the post was about helping children in the independent Donetsk and Lugansk. Putin’s statement about recognizing those two as independent was pretty much the kick off for this war. So it didn’t look too good.

Edit: Khorkina had a post about praising the Russian army as well, though that seems to be much less surprising.


Thanks for the update

Absolutely. Thank you for your post, Gymfan93!

Here are some results from searching for “what can I do to help Ukraine?”

(I haven’t vetted these, so check them out before you act or donate.)

Removing the events in particular is a no brainer, from an athlete welfare perspective if nothing else. If that were me competing I’d feel much more comfortable not having to do it in Russia or Belarus, and of course there’s the hope that Ukraine athletes will still be able to compete too. They can hardly be expected to travel to either country.


I wish success to all the Ukranian gymnasts in competition at Cottbus. They have all my support. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

This invasion to Ukraine is not justified and not called for. I grieve at this matter. My prayers are with Ukraine and its people.

A thought. Back at WWGym it took me by surprise that Ukraine was going downhill in gymnastics. I hope this is reversed. I truly hope Ukraine will once again become a gymnastics power.

Once again, my support and best wishes to the Ukranian gymnasts at Cottbus, both MAG and WAG.

José M.