Russia junior skating champion missing

16 year old Alina Gorbacheva has gone missing after leaving practice in Moscow. She won the junior nationals earlier this year.

The situation gets weirder. Her personal belongs, including a large sum of cash were found near the river. However today, she has been spotted on cctv around Moscow, including at a cafe but she was gone before the police arrived

I Hope she is found safely and soon.

I’ve been seeing a theory that she ran off after a conflict with her coach (is she a Tuberidze pupil?)

Hmm. That’s odd.

Looks like she was found.

No, she is coached by Sonya Fedchenko. Officially she is supposed to be boarding at a sports school, but in practice she lives with her coach.

Her grandmother (I wonder who she is because she’s a MS in WAG) confirmed a falling out with the coach. The police finally caught up with her in the mall at a cinema but no explanation has been given yet.

How odd.

Dear god russian skate is just too much. If you made this shit into a film nobody would believe it


Pretty much everything in Russia you could make into a film that no one would believe. We sent kids through the ceiling in the staff cafeteria with a pair of wire cutters so we didn’t have to watch Ria Novosti on a loop

The statement from Alina’s SM seemed odd too, apparently it says she’s back with her favourite coach and Mum and the situation is not related to skating or her coach and she’ll soon delight us with her skating. Photo of her with a plate of fruits.