Rumor - Oklahoma to SEC

I have no idea whether this is a truly serious possibility, but there are several news articles about both UT and OU considering a move to the SEC today.

Of course everything is mostly about football in these articles. In gymnastics, I would be disappointed to see the parity between conferences drop, but having OU meets on the SEC network would be a huge win for their program - probably the best thing that could happen for their visibility.

I would love being able to see their meets.

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If this happens I wonder if we will be able to see some of the men’s meets as well.

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And we will never have to listen to Kelly Garrison’s commentary ever again. Bless.


I hadn’t thought of that, but that alone might make it worth it!

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Utah makes zero sense…it’s the SOUTHEASTERN Conference. LMAO

Oklahoma is sort of a stretch too.

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University of Texas, not Utah.

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Ah thank you…Since it was NCAA WAG I assumed that UT= Utah as there is no University of Texas women’s gymnastics team…though there should be!

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It’s official. OU and U of Texas join the SEC. Getting into the night session at SECs is going to be even more difficult now.

Can the remaining Big 12 teams join other gymnastics only conferences, like EAGL/MRGC, or are they stuck in the Big 12 since the conference sponsors gymnastics? 3 teams is kinda small for a conference.

Big 12 may drop gymnastics. Or heck, it might dissolve completely. They’ve been losing schools for years. I suspect they’ll become a mid-major conference while the remaining name-brand schools pursue membership in another Power 5 conference. Where that ultimately leaves the 3 remaining Big 12 gymnastics team? I dunno.


The potential for watching Oklahoma on TV is exciting! I have no trouble watching SEC!

WVU to EAGL, Denver back to MRGC, and Iowa State to either Big 10 or MIC I guess?

Interesting article on the Big 12 conference I just found