Rules we need changed after the Olympics

1- no 1 point off for an empty run in vt finals. I’m ok with them taking it the second time but how much more dangerous do we want to make this for the athletes

2- neutral deductions count when breaking ties. It’s blatantly absurd that you’d want to prioritise execution over difficulty yet somehow oobs don’t count towards execution?

Add and discuss


2 per country in the AA. Should be 3. Gymnasts finishing 30th in qualifying shouldn’t be making AA finals.

Tie breaks in event finals need to go


The tie breaks are an IOC rule I believe, everything else above the FIG could change.

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Yeah, I read an article about how much of a hassle having ties at the Olympics is regarding the extra medals. They want to minimize it because they have a limited number of blanks. Each medal has the event engraved into the back and they have to do it at the last minute if there’s an unexpected tie.

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Reinstate the one-touch warm-up in EFs!


FIG should award a medal to any gymnast that ties a medalist but doesn’t medal. Obviously it isn’t an Olympic medal, but it could be a special series one that commemorates the gymnast’s efforts.


Absolutely must bring 1-touch back.

While we’re at it:
Six person teams!
36 and 3-per all around!


36 for the AA isn’t an option. But there is no reason it can’t be 3 per country with 24. The only reason it was put in place was fo prevent any one country sweeping the medals.

I was going to make a thread like this after the Olympics (something along the lines of “What we need to do to make gymnastics healthier” though), so thank you for this @onodian

I would argue that 3-up-3-count isn’t proving to be a good format, and that it was made worse by the weird individual qualifying structure this year. I think 5-4-3 or 6-5-4 is healthier for teams and gymnasts because 1) It means teams are less likely to consider competing an athlete who is injured or struggling for whatever reason, 2) gymnastics competition is already intense enough with individual and national pressure without also adding your teammates to the equation, 3) the current format sure doesn’t seem to have led to better, cleaner competition, and 4) frankly I don’t know that this format gives us the most accurate results.

(Edit to add because I am concerned someone will take it this way- this opinion is in no way meant to take anything away from Russia. They came with impressive gymnastics and a higher hit rate than in the past, and totally deserved their gold medal, and I am happy for them.)


They can keep the rule that everyone can compete AA if they wish. That was one of the few positive things from this 4 person team format.


Having 6 Americans try for the AA in qualification was amazing and something I don’t think we will see again


The one (one!) thing I liked about only having 4 person teams is at least prelims and finals were sort of similar. 6-5-4 was so wildly different than 6-3-3 ot was ridiculous. 5-4-3 isn’t much better.

I hate 3 up 3 count. Terrible decision. I’d call it worst decision ever, but no one-touch in EFs easily takes that crown.


Reducing the value of vaults is the incorrect way of addressing vaulting being the highest scoring event. FIG needs to adjust the deductions. A small step up to .3, a hop up to .5, a bit hop to 1, a fall to 2, etc, keep a little shuffle at .1. Do something to actually separate the high quality from the okay from the chucked. Or else, take the current deductions and then just double them. If an 8.2 is a hit beam routine, make an 8.2 a hit VT. If you can never get a 9.0 on FX, make it so you can’t get a 9.0 on VT. If gymnasts can get 6.8 D scores on the other events, VT should allow for 6.8 D scores and just do something to deductions are increased.


I just read a suggestion elsewhere that we submit a petition to the FIG for reinstatement of one-touch warmups. How many would have to sign it do you think for it to be reconsidered?


I like three up three count. It’s exciting to have every routine count. It’s the best way to have surprises on the podium.

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I’m very ambivalent about 3 up 3 count. I like the pressure and the surprise element. Sometimes it’s definitely been too much and it has led to lackluster competitions. I don’t know how to find a sweet spot

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One thing I have really liked is all athletes having the ability to do all around in quals and attempt to qualify for all the individual finals. Even in a 6-5-4 or 5-4-3, I wish they would allow the team to designate which routine doesn’t ‘count’ for the team attempt, but allow that athlete to compete all around and try for finals anyway.


Men’s NCAA does that, right?

I’m kind of amused by the fact that the USA has shown the worst-case scenarios of everything listed here.

I’m not a fan of 3-up 3-count. With this sport and everything we have seen happen mid-competition, it would be nice to give the teams a buffer. So when a gymnast rips up her shoulder or gets the twisties, she can stop and her score won’t count. And try to prevent this [Star Gymnast] And Friends thing where one or two gymnasts are carrying the team. Simone’s original Olympic schedule is exhausting: AA in prelims, AA in TFs, AA finals, and all four EFs. 6-5-4 also allows room for specialists. If this 4-team thing was in effect for Rio, Madison Kocian couldn’t be considered even though she was the USA’s best UB worker available.


This was reason #5 I had and I didn’t get it down. Too sleepy to properly articulate it. It lets a gymnast stop when injured instead of pressuring them to contribute a score regardless.