Reddit site gone off the grid (r/gymnastics)

Hi do you know what is going on with the reddit site? They are protesting price increases and have gone dark?

To the best of my understanding, it is to protest changes in Reddit’s API that will affect peoples’ ability to access the site using third-party apps. A lot of subs are going dark today and possibly tomorrow (not sure). A few are going private for an indeterminate period.


Yes it’s a 48 hour protest I believe

but the only fans bots still continue to add me as a friend…start charging those accounts if they want to make some more money.


Some subs don’t seem sure that they will return? I’m a weirdo who just goes through browser.

I’ve read in several places it ends after the 14th and the protesting groups will be back.

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It varies by subreddit. Some will be back on Wednesday and others plan to stay dark until the changes are walked back (or permanently). If the mod bots are affected like people are afraid they will be, a lot of mods will walk.

We might see more members.


We have some new members so I created a new Welcome thread.

R/gymnastics still dark.

Looks like it’s one of the subreddits staying down indefinitely if it’s not back now?

Who actually operates it?

Does anyone here use third-party apps for reddit? I don’t so I don’t understand all the hoopla. I’ve heard third-party moderation tools are a major part of the issue at hand.

Yeah, apparently those tools reduce the load on mods (which is heavier than I would have guessed, but internet gonna internet I suppose). Another fairly big concern is that the Reddit app is not accessible to visually-impaired users. I assume that this is a relatively small group, but not accommodating their needs seems like a dick move.

The other issue is that many users prefer third-party apps because they offer a better interface and/or ad blocking. TBH this is probably the group I have the least sympathy for; I mean, the company needs to generate revenue, and the ads are much less obnoxious than elsewhere on the internet.

As for r/gymnastics, I’m starting to feel a bit irked that they’re not back online. Did the members agree to a prolonged blackout? I recall there being a poll, but thought it was to join the two-day blackout.

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I believe the vote was strongly for a black out until Reddit revised the changes

The Reddit crowd are weird, it’s very very politicised

Ah, well, RIP to r/gymnastics then.

No pay wall for this:

Reddit’s dirty secret is how much it relies on unpaid moderation. Subreddits require heavy-handed moderation and even the midsize subs are hard to handle. Reddit’s UX is improving but it’s still not the site’s strong point. So I understand why any mods may be upset of the API pricing changes.