Rebekah Ripley - Barbie Girl Floor Routine - BYU Gymnastics - January 7, 2023

Loving it!


I hate it and the leg brace. Sorry. It’s just creepy to me.

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I think it’s supposed to be creepy? But I’m with you on the leg brace. It shouldn’t be allowed, it’s extremely dangerous it something goes wrong

From what I’ve read it’s supposed to be cute. Ick.

I don’t care about the leg brace, I just hate how gimmicky the routine is.

The leg brace is from having torn her acl twice. There’s good reason behind it but personally I would never wear one like that. Maybe wrap it but never anything that restrictive.

Wrap it up? An ACL brace is designed in a very specific way the keep the knee joint in the correct position. Wrapping it doesn’t do anything for an ACL.

Wearing a bulky brace like that is no one’s idea of a good time. You wear it because there are no other options.


If her knee is that bad she shouldn’t be competing on it then.

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There’s a place for gimmicky floor routines and that place is right there in social media crazed NCAA


That is for her and her coaches and medical team to decide. MANY MANY girls compete with braces. There is nothing wrong with her wearing it. I also know that there is currently a gymnast at Georgia wearing a similar one. Is she not worthy to compete either?


Why isn’t it allowed in FIG competition then? I’m sure USAG don’t permit braces either.

I thought we were past the “gymnasts competing with injuries are so brave” mind set? Sure, she’s an adult and can make her own decisions about her safety, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Imagine it was a junior elite competing in an ACL brace!

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The routine was good, but needs better tumbling and more artistry.

José M.

Long-term bracing post-ACL reconstruction has gone out of favor, at least here on the US. Surgical and rehabilitation techniques have also advanced resulting in better outcomes and less need for constant bracing. Typically surgeons and physical therapists have you wear a brace for a gear or so post-surgery, but even that seems to be falling out of favor. I still see it fairly regularly in hockey and football, but that’s about it. That said, every ACL recovery is unique and every orthopedist has their own take on bracing. Apparently Rebekah’s ortho cleared her to return on gymnastics with a brace.

You audacity is utterly breathtaking.

I don’t know any about ACL recovery or the pros and cons of bracing. But having seen what happens when you have a gymnastics accident in one of those (gymnast ended requiring facial reconstruction) I’m amazed that it is allowed

Personally I think this routine is brilliant, and I love how on the music and in character she is. Few people could pull it off and her comedic timing is just great.


I believe braces are permitted by USAG. The only thing prohibited by USAG rules and policies are hard casts.

This routine is true artistry. The interpretation of the music is spot on. The choreography is creative, unique, and aligns with the music. She created and maintained a character. The music is not background music. The choreography is unique to the music. So many routines can be done to any piece of music.


It’s not safe. If something work to go wrong its actually quite dangerous.

Not sure what your point is here. Yes I have audacity. You appreciate it or you are sarcastic?

Dismissive. You are utterly unqualified to determine if she should or should not be competing.

And to say that knee brace is unsafe? Now you’re audacious and ignorant.

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I’m quite qualified to say that tumbling in a knee brace can be quite unsafe.

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