Reactions on Gymnaverse!

Now you can react to posts with more than a :heart:

Like = :like:
Funny = :funny:
Interesting = :interesting:
Sad = :sad:
Awesome = :awesome:
Agree = :agree:
Disagree = :disagree:

Just hover over the :heart: on desktop or long press on mobile.


I hovered but nothing else showed up, just the heart. I am on desktop, firefox browser.

(but I love the choices!)

Try logging out and back in or clearing your browser cache…

I was struggling with choices (just kept adding too many)… until I saw this article… I thought they were simple and great…

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I like the reactions my only comment/complaint is the the sad emoji is insufficiently sorrowful to express how I feel sometimes. This would be more like it. :sob::sob::sob: