r/Gymnastics is dark (Invite your friends)

As many of you may have heard. Reddit is having some issues right now. The gymnastics subreddit (r/Gymnastics) is currently not open. This is a perfect time for us to grow the Gymnaverse!

Help out the site… invite your friends. Post us on all of your social media!

Who is Gymnaverse? Read the following thread…


I just realized that we are finishing up 17 years of existence — except for a short gap, we’ve been around since 2006! I am proud of our longevity.

@RedBirdie Was one of the founders and is still a leader here!


I’m the Cher (or cockroach…) of the gymnastics internet.


Here is another good thread for everyone from WWGym…


I’m really enjoying the memories. Does anyone remember Muffins?

It’s crazy! I sometimes feel like I mostly lurk, but this community has been important to me for SO MANY YEARS. I love when we squabble and I love when we celebrate good gymnastics together afterwards.


It was Mittens, and I believe started around 2003, though I can no longer remember the actual story behind the origination of the character.


Who was M̶u̶f̶f̶i̶n̶s̶ Mittens? Did they go by other names? I’ve seen that ermine used as an avatar before, but I can’t remember the name of the person.

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Ahhhh my geriatric brain…

I don’t think Mittens was an actual poster, but did serve as the picture at the top of the board. I think KatieKaboom was a poster that used Mittens for her avatar on occasion.

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Hmm, okay, I definitely did not know a KatieKaboom.

It’s all good! Too much of my memory banks are probably being taken up by useless Gymternet information. :slight_smile:

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Mittens was enlisted as a hit-weasel to go after Bruno.


I remember a user named Kitty from intlgymnast, with a mint green avatar, slightly bluer than Sasha’s^. I think they were funny, sassy, pro-US, and maybe slightly deluded but aren’t we all?

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What is pro US? As opposed to say a US fan?

I remember Kitty, albeit with less positive feelings.

I meant that they rooted for the USA in competitions, yeah a US fan

My feelings for Kitty aren’t too positive either frankly but I don’t remember particulars so I didn’t want to get into it. Are you lurking, Kitty?

That’s fair. My memories might be biased as well.

Do we remember Latawnya as well? :grinning:

OMG. Latawnya!!! Parkettes Cleaning Lady. Goats going to Athens. I swear there were a few fun things but it seriously got deranged after 2004.