Question about the censor

In this thread someone mentioned that we are all adults, and I’m wondering how true that is. Was there a minimum sign up age for this forum? Word censoring doesn’t matter to me, but we may not want to assume that our conversations are absent of minors.

This is a public forum… so kids will definitely be able to see it. This site is very tame compared to many things on the internet that are also easily seen by kids.

Minimum age to be a member of Gymnaverse is 18. This is not necessarily easy to enforce though. Term of service are below and it does state 18 in there…


I was definitely 17 when I signed up for the original WWGYM, but that was back in 2006, and I wasn’t really active until I was 18. Now, on the other hand, I was still a minor when I was on other gymnastics message boards before 2006.

Okay, maybe the correct wording should be that “we are all expected to act like adults…” (cuz if you are a kid on this site and don’t act like an adult, you might get busted and banned, right?)

Also, real talk, if you are a kid who is sophisticated enough to sign up for this site, and interested enough to actually spend time reading content we are posting here, you are going to have been exposed to enough media that some people calling John Geddert a “shithead” or something is not going to be exposing you for the first time to the realities of adult language.