Qualifiers to US Nationals

This is my best estimation. Here is the USAG qualification chart:

Ciena Alipio
Sydney Barros
Simone Biles
Skye Blakely
Jade Carey
Jordan Chiles
Kayla DiCello
Amari Drayton
Kara Eaker
Addison Fatta
Aleah Finnegan
eMjae Frazier (VT, UB, FX)
Karis German
Olivia Greaves
Laurie Hernandez (VT, BB, FX)
Morgan Hurd
Shilese Jones
Emily Lee
Sunisa Lee
Lilly Leppeatt
Emma Malabuyo (UB, BB)
Grace McCallum
Konnor McClain
Zoe Miller
Kaylen Morgan
Elle Mueller
Katelyn Rosen (VT, FX)
JaFree Scott (VT, UB, FX)
Ava Siegfeldt
MyKayla Skinner
Faith Torrez
Leanne Wong

Charlotte Booth
Kailin Chio
Madray Johnson
Kaitlin Jong
Levi Jung-Ruivivar
Avery King
Nola Matthews
Ella Murphy
Ella Kate Parker
Azaraya Ra-Akbar
Josceln Roberson
Izzy Stassi
Gabriella Van Frayen

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I’m not sure how it all works, but I am just wondering if McCusker maybe did enough with bars?

Looks like you can’t qualify to Nationals via Winter Cup except via AA, and there’s no single event qualification path at all.

If this was Classic, Riley would be in on the three event score. The qualifying scores in general seem pretty low to me (which is sensible, given 2020 dystopia). Riley only needed a 10.7 on floor to get the AA. I remember the bar to qualify as a specialist being super high, like Ashtons-only, don’t bother unless you can win an EF medal or two.

It’s going to be brutal to make it onto the 10 personal national team or 8 person Olympic Trials.

Yes, since only AAers could qualify to national from Winter Cup, there were a handful of folks who achieved the 2 or 3 event score and would have qualified had this been one of the Classic meets. Emma Malabuyo’s vault and beam scores would have met the 2 event requirement, for example. McCusker easily achieved the 3 event score, but I assume she is looking to qualify as an AAer either through camp or Classics.

I think the upcoming camp is super important for those who either opted out of Winter Cup or didn’t do all 4 events. Obviously some people are going to have a bit more flexibility, but for someone like McCusker? Or Morgan Hurd and Kayla DiCello? This is an important camp.

I’ve updated the list to reflect the March national team camp verification scores.

Sunisa Lee is one of the best, second only to Simone Biles.

José M.

Kayla DiCello qualified at March camp IIRC

Lol, how did I forget her, she won the damn camp! Thank you, I’ll update the list.

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Updated to reflect Am Classic.

These seems like a really small list of Juniors. Does anyone have a sense of how this compares to this time in past years?

It is a small list. Usually there are many more juniors than seniors. But it seems that there just aren’t that many juniors this year, period.

I don’t know if that’s because more and more gyms and gymnasts are opting to forego elite or wait to go elite until 14 or 15 rather than 12 or 13, because of the pandemic and people who might have normally tried elite this year are holding back until they get a solid year of training in, or USAG just dropped the ball on identifying and nurturing the next generation.

Curious to see how many go to US Classic. In years past 40 or even 50 juniors was not unusual. I’m not sure they’ll get more than 25 right now.

Pandemic aside, I think this is going to be USAG’s biggest issue moving forward post-Simone. Replacing Liukin with Dan Baker was probably the dumbest decision they could have made for the developmental program.

I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) the 05’ born seniors were among the last to have attended devo camps with Liukin, and I think it clearly shows in the routine composition, technique, and skill level of the current junior crop.


Does chellsie really intend to pursue an olympic team spot?

I mean she would have to compete classics first, right?

I think she’s aiming for Trials and Worlds.

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Last time she mentioned it, Memmel said she was not going for the Olympics but that Worlds was a goal.

Yep. But I think she would like to compete at Trials even though she isn’t shooting for selection.

Oh ok. I took it as her abstaining from Trials. But I guess not.

I’m speculating!

Well, im shocked
I was pretty sure she would give it another try at an olympic endeavour. Like unfinished business.

I mean, I doubt she’d object if she were chosen for the team. But Chellsie’s pretty level-headed; she knows how much the injury set her back and where her routines will probably score compared to the current National Team and if it’s realistic for her to get a team or individual spot.