Qiu Qiyuan 6.9 UB

The Paris bars final is going to be awesome. Does anyone know if she’s rumored to be going for Worlds or Asian Games this year?


Last time she fell 3 times on a 6.4D bars in a world cup. It’s a very difficult bars in training but she’s quite inconsistent in competition (as of today).


If she had a better Pak and could connect the toe-on-shap-half, it would be 7.1.

and only a D dismount, too.

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Gorgeous routine! Would love to see her execute it this well in a major comp.

Jesus I was so startled by Nabieva’s voice and the davai’s

I was hoping this would leak. Qiu is under consideration for the Worlds team, I believe I read somewhere but I checked socials and can’t find it. The layout Jaeger is currently -0.3 height, but the E+F .2 CV combo is worth it. E+F is the way to win in this code, especially if you connect a D transition to the low bar out of it. Her form is impeccable. I quickly got 8.7 real time with .3 for rhythm break and .1 for catching Pak with bent arms, .1 precision (for over-rotation). …but I just checked the code and rhythm can only be a .1 deduction. So .3 off for this error in total?

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She’s on the roster for the Asian Championships (not to be confused with the Asian Games).