Proposed changes to MAG COP - official FIG draft

The FIG was nice enough to share a proposed draft of the 2025 COP with the changes highlighted

I’d say the change to 8 skills in MAG is coming this time.

I used to be against this, but not anymore.

It should help in NCAA. GymACT has already gone to 8 skills.


I’m looking forward to rings and pommel horse routines with an eight skill count.


GymACT already went down to 8 skills.

I like that Jrs, GymACT, NCAA, and elite will all have the same # of skills.

Some of the rest of it will take getting used to.

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how many is it now?

NCAA is 10
GymACT and Jr is 8

I’m generally very happy.

The only things I DON’T like are:

  1. Stop messing around with vault groups. Make groups that make sense and offer bonuses for variety of vault 2 compared to vault 1. easy.
  2. I don’t think it should be REQUIRED to do a scale or double salto dismount on floor
  3. Leave the Kroll and 1.5-double back on rings alone.
  4. Leave swing handstand on Pbars alone.
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