Problems with reading full threads

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through a thread, all of a sudden the page skips right to the last reaction. It happens on both mobile and regular computer.
Yesterday I wasn’t able to see the team final live and wanted to read the full thread. While scrolling, he keeps skipping me to the last reaction. Only if I scroll reaaaally slow, it kind of works (happened only once or twice). Does anyone else experience this?


I get the opposite- it goes suddenly to the beginning of the thread


Mine jumps back several (or many) posts fairly frequently, but I was blaming my laptop


Mine jumps back and forth and it is just really difficult to follow. I finally just closed the thread.


I believe I know what is causing this… working on a solution now.


Mine just keeps showing me doug’s score comparisons with the judges, even though I explicitly yell at it "why god oh why"every time one shows up


Thats actually not a website problem. Just some kind of weird reverse karma. :grin:

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When this happens, there is a little blue button on the bottom right that you can press that says “back”. If you click on it, you skip forward to where you left off.

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the little blue back button only shows up on my mobile, not on my web browser (firefox).

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Mine also jumps back and forth. I was beginning to think it was just my dyslexia.

I see in on my browser too, but on the slider on the right side that shows the timeline of posts. I use Chrome though.

Keep the comments coming… the more information we have the better.

I haven’t been having the “starting 20 posts back” issue at all this afternoon/evening.

Yes, it seems to be a lot better for me too! I haven’t noticed the issue today.

I didn’t have my original issue, but I have been sent back today. Happened only once and it was indeed about 20 posts.

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It seems to have stopped for me too

I had the problem only on long threads. MAG finals thread wasn’t an issue yesterday. Will see how WAG AA thread goes. That will be the real test

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No jumping on the WAG AA thread. Problem seems fixed now

Same here!

Jumping back has been happening for me too, just happened with this thread. It does tend to be worse for longer threads.