Powers buys more gyms, shuts down WAG teams

I’m just going to start a whole new topic to keep track of Powers Group buying up gyms. They just bought 3 Houston area clubs, including Houston Gymnastics Academy and eliminated girls teams.

““Everyone’s really afraid about the future of Women’s Gymnastics,” Cathy Riley, mother of a competitive gymnast said.”

A bit overdramatic lol

Yeah, there’s a real shortage of women’s gymnastics in Texas

The really odd thing is that at the rec level, women’s gymnastics often helps pay the bills.

I really don’t know what Powers is trying to accomplish, but it’s kind of off-putting.

It does, but it’s not as profitable as pay per session parkour/ninja stuff

Yes… but they aren’t shutting that down are they… just the team program?

I got the impression that the reason they are shutting down wag team programmes is that they want to use the space for ninja equipment

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If you were a gym parent and had watched this happen to your gym and then every other gym they bought in your area you’d be worried, too. It just happened with their Arizona gyms, too. Last year they canceled the JO 2-10 Programs and this month XCEL. After hyping up XCEL last year.

They lie to the owners and parents when they take over and then close it all down, with little to no warning.