Potential upgrades ahead of Worlds

I figured it might be useful to have a thread for potential upgrades as we’re 4 months out from worlds, a lot of countries still have their domestic meets, and only Japan has named any worlds team members. I also couldn’t think of a good title - Mods, feel free to rename this thread.

Tiana Sumansekera training an Amanar

It looks pretty legit as far as pit vaults go. I can’t imagine it’s a worthwhile upgrade though, with only 0.4 in added value and the extra injury risk.

It’s kinda funny to think 10 years ago it was the “United States’ of Amanar”, and now Jade is the only active US athlete to have competed one afaik.

Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 12.31.17 AM

Chiles used to do one as well


Sumanasekera also training a double double, which will be a nice upgrade on floor:

And helps with my complaint about the DLO/Double tuck/Double pike composition from Pan Ams

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Georgia Godwin debuted a fhs layout 1/1 at the Osijek world cup earlier this week. It’s the best vault I’ve seen from an Aussie WAG since McIntosh imo.



Yeah Godwin’s vault deserves a 9.0+ E, unlike some other fhs layout 1/1s we see…

Sumanasekera’s round-off on vault is wild, she bends her arms entirely and pushes off. The mat is lower into the pit, and it looks like she’s still opening up as her feet make contact. The Amanar upgrade won’t materialize this year, I don’t think. Then again, Aly Raisman did THAT Amanar at 2010 Covergirl classic…

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I really appreciate how straight she keeps her body in the repulsion. A true front layout vault.

Gotta give her props for how many Amanars she’s casually walked away from that would’ve decimated other gymnasts’ lower bodies.


Not much worth in doing an Amanar unless you’re a vault specialist or an AA front-runner, I suppose. The difference between that and a DTY isn’t a large enough cushion to absorb deductions anymore.

I feel like she would be getting way more lift with a better BHS. That also makes me slightly nervous for the wear and tear on her ankles.

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Fatta also intends to upgrade her vault to Cheng. Roberson is also training Cheng. I guess eventually there will be 1-2 Cheng / Amanar from the US this year.

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Given how piked it is, I thought Ellie Black’s McIntosh vault was overscored at Worlds, including in EF where she scored too close to Devillard and almost took her bronze.

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Black’s pike is egregious and so is her block form: the leg separation, closed shoulder angle and arch. But her landing was precise in EF

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Sanna Veerman training a Seitz+bhardwaj. Her foot form is quite distracting tho.



Would she get a deduction for the grip adjustment?


isn’t that stupid? I mean, not really surprising, but

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It does seem like WTC has the ability to issue little memos that instruct judges not to apply nonsense rules for new/novel situations that shouldn’t merit deductions. Think they did something similar recently when they decided that it was (surprisingly) acceptable to do something like… Maloney, half turn in back swing to reverse grip/direction, into Yezhova… and get combination bonus on top of that! Feels logically suspect but I’m all for it in that it’s pro-unique skill combos, which hacking the code often undermines (like, they key to this code is finding ways to change directions without a dreaded 1/2 turning KCH or giant).

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7 tenths was worth it. 4 isn’t.

This…and it’s probably less than .4 when you consider how likely it is to step forward on it for an automatic deduction.

I feel like we had this conversation in the last year or two and someone provided evidence (@Concorde ?) of it going deduction free. Maybe because the rhythm isn’t broken–it’s not like changing each hand in KCH to reverse grip fwd giant.

Also I’m reading online Mustafina submitted the Seitz to reverse grip as a separate element but I can’t find proof of this. If she submitted anything that Worlds, I’d be more inclined to think it was the inbar 1.5


But wasn’t the inbar 1.5 already the semenova at this point?