Post Season - Conference Championships


B1G Championships (Team/AA) Friday 4/1
Event finals are back 4/2
All on the B1G Network 7PM CT for both meets

MPSF @ Stanford Saturday 4/2 @ 4PM PT
watch - it doesn’t look to be free, but there is an option for a 7 day free trial.

rotation order for B1G TF

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I played around with the 4 score averages to make get a rough picture of how B1G might go

You can click to make larger

The takeaway is it’s going to be a close meet between Michigan, Nebraska, and Illinois.

I’d put my money on Michigan, but it’s close enough between the top three that any of them could take it.

I’d love to see Nebraska do it - a little more than 10 years ago their school was threatening to cut them.

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ECAC Championship is Saturday at 2pm at William & Mary. It looks like this one is on Virtius

Michigan wins B1G with a score of 413.35

Nebraska second, Ohio State third.

Michigan improved on it’s average performance, Nebraska did a little worse than it’s usual, Ohio State just did what they could normally do…but Illinois had very rough night.

Illinois and Penn State both had rough nights, although Penn State seems to just be having a rough season. Overall, the meet was great. It was fun to watch!

Michigan is putting itself up there to challenge Oklahoma and Stanford. Illinois and Nebraska should factor in if they perform to their season high.

I forget how teams qualify to nationals. Is it still top 12 and then two semi finals of 6 with the top 3 in each semi final advancing?

Michigan is definitely up there for sure! I would not count on Nebraska either.

I think that is how nationals still work.

That’s how it has worked.

4 score Avg projections for MPSF - Stanford leading wire to wire.