Political views and attacks on gymnasts and members

Would you consider making a zero tolerance policy for political topics/views on this forum going forward?

I was trying to enjoy the live thread for the 2nd day event final from Liverpool until I saw the harassment of Brody Malone (USA) that was allowed to continue. His political views are not relevant to these discussions. It is just a way to shame/cancel people who disagree with you. It is also present in a few other threads I have seen.

Why can’t we just remove all these comments and have a zero tolerance policy going forward? Tell members to take their political views to Twitter where there are plenty of people who will argue with them. I am pretty certain I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I also would ask that those comments about Malone (and others where necessary) be deleted since they can still be read by people who review threads afterwards. It sets a tone that others will follow.

Do you want this site to become Twitter-lite? It is your call.


We are looking at the situation. Honestly it was two days ago and I personally thought by encouraging people to be adult and move on that we were giving grace to them. No one, including conservative view points, was singled out. Can you point out where you think a user attacked a user because I see viewpoints discussed inappropriately but no user was attacked by a user as far as I can see.

I felt it does more harm to act in a heavy handed way and start deleting things and leaving it to people to guess what was deleted. At previous boards people expressed unease with not knowing what was considered inappropriate and having no examples of bad behavior.

Please remember none of the moderators are paid. We do this for love of the sport.


Thank you for creating this post.

Unfortunately this board allows for posters to be as disrespectful to gymnasts like Brody. If the same things were said about a gymnasts on the opposite side of the political spectrum those posters would likely be banned.


No more politics AT ALL. This topic is closed.

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