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I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the pinned topics for nationals.

I like the different threads for each individual competition as it saves from a mega thread that no one who isn’t live posting is going to have the energy to read.

However, all these empty topics at the top of the board is not a good idea for the returning less frequent users who log in at big events. It makes the board look inactive. Nor is it ideal for finding other topics.

I would like to suggest that only the topics are not pinned until the day they are live.


You can unpin the topics if you would like.

Step 1

Go to bottom of the page where it says “Pinned Globally”. Click the box.

Step 2

Click Unpinned, this will unpin the thread for you and it will be seen in the normal order.

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However I do still think that it’s a good idea not to have so many pinned topics as that’s what people will see when they first log in and it’s quite off putting

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This was something I tried, so that multiple threads were not created.

I am also in an extremely busy work week and really can’t go back and forth to pin/unpin.

I’ll just unpin all of them.

MC I disagree. There’s plenty of activity elsewhere to show on the board.

Rich takes a lot of time organizing those, doing threads for major events. How he does things is perfectly convenient for him and us. We have other lives too you know. He works full time.

As I said, I think the threads themselves are really good at keeping things organised and in the right place. All I was suggesting was that they don’t all needed to be pinned.

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That was the way we’ve done things in the past and we’ve never had complaints in all these years. It was perfectly fine.

Don’t take it so personally. It was only some feedback, but given that a few others have liked my post, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I’m just giving you feedback on your feedback.

Forget that I mentioned it. I thought it might be something that could be discussed in a rational manner. I’ll delete it if you prefer?

I also thought it was rational to point out the limitations on our time, that it has always been done. Why are you being defensive?

If you have further issues please take it to private message.

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I’m not being defensive at all. I made a suggestion/observation that you clearly passionately disagree with, which is fine. However I don’t think it’s an unreasonable or inappropriate suggestion (there’s a few likes from people I’d say are regulars) and I certainly didn’t anticipate it being something that anyone would take personally.

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Prívate message please since you feel it’s personal.

Just passing by to say i also felt the many pinned threads were weird but oops i can also just shut it lol.


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Mr. Onodian!

This is not Burger King so you don’t always get it your way!

Love, the unpaid labor

You know I don’t mean to poo-poo my unpaid interns. If you come to antwerp and I end up coming which it looks like, I’ll get you some Belgian beer or chocolate. Provided you unpin those first of course. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: