Paris EF schedule

Does anyone know what the EF schedule will be for Paris? It’s over three days again :roll_eyes: but the Olympic website schedules don’t specify which finals are on which days. Wonder if they’ll use a new order or go with three day precedents?

I got a slot in the single ticket Olympic draw so this might influence my ticket priorities.

Everyone got a slot. It’s to prevent the booking system going down. According to people on Reddit who made the ballot for pre priority, all the gym finals are sold out already, save for the most expensive tickets. It’s the 2nd most expensive event of the games, only the athletics session with the men’s 100m final is more expensive

I got a slot back in February for the presales and I can confirm that all the gym finals were sold out at that time. IIRC there was like one session of men’s prelims left.

With that said, I know they didn’t open up all the sessions for the February round (for example, you couldn’t buy opening ceremonies tickets), so maybe gym finals are among the sessions that they didn’t open.

I know some people that haven’t got a time slot for single tickets yet. They got package slots earlier than me though. By the time my package slot turned up only MAG quals was left. I got two out of three plus some other sports that I enjoy watching.

They weren’t selling gymnastics finals tickets in February. I looked at the chart. It was only qualifications. I think they were planning to wait until the single session ticket sales to sell the premiere events. I will admit that the directions and explanations were pretty confusing, but I think other years have been worse. I have tickets to two WAG qualifications sessions right now, but I haven’t heard I made the draw for single session tickets yet. It’s only been two days so far.

Yeah, I didn’t get an email at all yet.

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Update: I just got my email for single session tickets!!! My slot is from May 13-15.

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Am I right that this is the first Olympics to have a global ticket sale? I’m sure that previously it was only the residents of the host country who could purchase directly, with tickets allocated to all the national committees to arrange the sale of them in their own country.

For London 2012 I had a mixture of tickets. Some purchased through the online ballot as a UK resident that stated my name on the tickets, and others through contacts in Russia that were of the same design but just had Russian Federation where the name would normally be.

not sure. I had friends who went to Rio and told me they just rang up and bought them direct. And that when they got there you could just go into a ticket office and buy more.

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In person is normal during the games. Plenty federations return tickets they won’t use and the public can queue on the day and see what is available

Yes I think so. Will be interesting to see how it compares when all is said and done. For London I had a mix of UK ballot, later ticket sales, tickets purchased abroad and official packages. For Sydney Sportsworld were the official provider so all our advance tickets came through them.

This is variable. In Sydney we bought MAG AA tickets a couple of days before (my Mum was excited when it looked like Nemov could actually win, she had a soft spot for him!) but some American friends of mine were unable to do the same in London because the ticket office required a UK address. It was so stupid because they ended up watching the event in one of the restaurants within the O2 - sorry North Greenwich Arena; only a few metres away from the actual gymnastics.

I had a very exciting hour or so this morning buying Olympic tickets. I’m going to ALL the gymnastics and assorted other sports. :grin::partying_face:

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Are you going to RG?

No, should have specified AG only. Despite trampolining being a massive part of my life for 20 years, it’s not my favourite thing to watch so I’m not seeing that either

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I don’t think I’m doing Paris, we did London and it was great but I haven’t got the money for Paris accommodation or tickets I don’t think. It seems really expensive.


I was hoping to be rich in time to go to LA but…


I’m undecided. Most likely we will be in the south of France for at least part of the summer but given that I nearly didn’t bother going in 2012 when I lived less than 10 miles from the arena, I might lack the motivation :joy:

Seriously, it was like an hour before the bars final and I was still deciding whether to go or not

I live about 60 miles from LA and my “plan” is to sign up for Air Bnb and list our home as a place to stay during the Olympics. My theory was that people who aren’t from the area might not realize just how long it takes to drive 60 miles in Southern California . . .

Brings back memories. For Atlanta, for a while only residents of Georgia could buy tickets! Too bad if you lived in one of the other 49 states.

I believe it was the same for Salt Lake, but since I was a poor college student, I didn’t look into it too much. (Plus I turned 21 during those games, and its a fuckton easier to drink in Wisconsin than Utah)

SLC was strange since you used to have to be “sponsored” to walk into a bar and drink in SLC.

Ouch! Only the athletics session with the men’s 100m is more expensive.