Paloma del Río retires

Iconic Spanish gymnastics commentator retires. Everyone let out a hearty adiós in her honor! I’m sure @onodian is devastated.


I love Paloma, I hope she enjoys retirement

I love the part where she scolds the other commentator for swearing on air. “¡Qué boca!” :rofl:


I mean she was very very relatable, but she had surprisingly little idea about the sport. Every time anybody twists she just went with whatever she felt like between one and three. But she will be sorely missed. Here’s hoping we don’t get Gervasio.

I should apply for this job :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Gracias y adiós, paloma. Here’s my favourite paloma retransmission i think, everyone crying at the end except for her :

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Was that Paloma commentating during Produnova’s epic handspring double front VT at 99 World University Games?

I don’t have accent marks but she famously said:

!Si’ sen~or!


yeah that’s a Paloma trademark

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