Olympic qualification: Turkey has qualified 4 men as individuals (I believe)

Ferhat Arıcan qualified through his AA performance at 2019 Worlds.
İbrahim Çolak qualified as a rings specialist
Ahmet Önder qualified as a pbars specialist
Adem Asil (who previously competed for Turkey under another name) qualified as an AAer at Euros.

Now, in my opinion, their scores should be combined together and allowed to stand as a team. They could potentially qualify top 8, in my opinion, on a good day.

What do you think?

I think most of the gymternet absolutely lives for the possibility.

I had Turkey in the top 12 at 2019 Worlds before the meet began. Unfortunately they had a disaster of a PH rotation that ultimately left them in 15th.

They were 2nd on SR and 6th on PB so they were more than capable of being in the top 12 and maybe even spoiling for a team final slot.