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What were her Cs ?

It’s absolutely outrageous that Amanar’s triple full and full in were used as Cs.

she had been alternating her music all quad… I think she should have used the 94 worlds music in EF

watching her 96 vids again, DIna’s double back dismount seemed so out of place in 96 yet in 2023 it gets .2 bonus!

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I always assumed the reason for the switch was that she wanted to dismount with the piked full in for the EF and didn’t have the endurance to do it without music that built in a load of standing around first. She used the Czardas routine at 96 Euros as well but I don’t think she was hanging around in the corner quite as long.

’On paper’ = theoretical / potential start value of the routine assuming that everything received credit.

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  • front layout
  • Shushunova
  • double tuck

Piskun had a similar situation on bars where her full twisting double layout dismount could have been used as a C.

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she needed the D of EF but only needed the C for optionals and AA

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Agree with tempest about how out of place her double tucks felt. I’ve often said that a gymfan travelling back in time could shock gymfans from multiple decades by saying how many double tucks there were in the 2020 Olympic FX final.

Also agree with ArnoldRimmer about the conservation of energy Kochetkova required to finishing with the piked full-in.

Amanar’s Olympic AA record is wild. A silly floor mistake away from AA silver and two unmaximised SVs away from being AA champion ahead of Podkopayeva. Guess the gymgods were paying her back with all the shenanigans required to end up with her as the record book AA champion four years later.

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It’s interesting because still Dina was scoring quite competitively with the double tuck. There was some differentiation between SVs being made, I think, but 9.787 for a hit routine in the AA and 9.737 in optionals with a bobble is pretty good. Off the top of my head it still put her in the top 10 floor scorers in Atlanta.

Honestly, hearing all these horror stories has me feeling validated at being happier with the open-ended code where all skills count and requirements are clear (well, mostly, that full turn requirement still tripping people up lol).

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