Olympic games Leotards

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This is where all the countries leotards go.

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Chinese leotards https://twitter.com/GoldenChina_08/status/1408376843699425283?s=20
I’m looking forward to seeing the blue and white one!


Me too. That blue one looks so interesting.

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Love the blue and the red & yellow ones. The purple and the other red one are fine.

Here’s one of France’s. I actually like it… but I’m gonna be in the minority!

Imagine going to the olympics and your competition attire has a built in bolero 😭😭😭😭😭


I’d like it without the keyhole, but most of my truly supportive sports bras would show through that. Unless France is also issuing correctly supportive bras designed to not show with this leo design, it’s a no from me–any leotard that forces the athlete to choose between the correct bra and not getting a deduction/having the embarrassment of undergarments ‘ruining the design’ is a no from me.

If they are, like GB, providing the athletes with custom-made bras designed to meet their needs and not show, that’s awesome.


I love it but like QuietColours brought up, I wonder about the bra. Actually, with many of the leos out there, I wonder about where is the bra; how are they wearing a bra especially ones with open backs?


Aren’t any type of cut-outs supposed to be filled with flesh-toned fabric? If this is the case then the suit is very sportive!

That keyhole front is too big. Could have gone smaller and still gotten the same effect.

Open back leos have been banned by FIG. USAG followed suit. I’ll see if I can find the regulations when I’m on my computer at work (on my phone right now and its harder to search).


The designer of France’s leotards appears to be a fan of Power Girl.

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Sorry. Hate this! Looks like a one piece swim suit covered up by a half jacket with the zipper broke open from the top.


So far this what Team USA might be. Plus the 2 that was used during the trials.


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GB Training Leotards: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQvp7Y2Dc6U

No strong feelings on these one way or another, really. They’re fine?

I like the two far lefts and the far right
Not feeling the 3 in the middle

I don’t really like the white with the little bits of things scattered on it

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Although I don’t “love” all of the GB leos - I am an oldie who hankers after the Soviet Adidas leos of the 1970s. I like the 2 furthest left the most. I also like the fact that they look like sportswear and not showgirl costumes (I hated the GAGE Princess Jasmine bikinis or burlesque leos at nationals). In fact the GB navy blue leo looks similar to GB running strips.

The French leos would be nicer without or with a smaller keyhole.


I agree. Without the keyhole (or with a smaller keyhole) the French leo would be tasteful and athletic (in my opinion).

Are the clear-back bras supportive? I’ve seen tthe strap in ncaa and even Amazon sells versions.

It depends on the individual. Something like this:


Might be comfortable for people who aren’t particularly large chested, but won’t be nearly enough support for someone with a larger chest. They’ll want something more like this:


It has a lot more structure, it will be more fitted, the high neckline allows them to better hold each breast in place (it would be sculpted on the inside to hold each breast in place, instead of just squashing them down like a compression sports bra), and the thicker straps provide more support–weight distribution really matters, and it matters more the larger the breasts are. A lot of these kinds of bras will be even higher cut (like the ones here: https://www.fabletics.com/womens/sports-bras/high-impact). Many athletes prefer the T-shape or X-shape of the straps instead of the typical straps that just come over the shoulder because they come between the shoulder blades and won’t move around as much or limit movement, but that creates even more issues with open backed leotards. My club has a quite modest cut, but it wouldn’t have worked with my preferred bra design if NAIGC hadn’t decided to allow visible sports bras (as long as they color match the leo).

ETA: Also, thick plastic straps, especially when you’re sweaty, get really uncomfortable and start chaffing fast.Thinner is better there, but then you’re back to the support issue. Thick plastic straps are also a lot more obvious than thin ones.


This is from USAG’s WAG Rules & Policies (2020-2021). I believe this language is the same as FIG:

A deduction for “inappropriate” attire will be applied for any infraction.

a. No bare midriffs, backless leotards, leotards with “spaghetti” straps, T-shirts or Boxer shorts.
• EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2021: Unless the open area is filled with mesh or flesh-colored fabric, a leotard is considered backless when the open area visually extends:
o lower than 2 inches (approximately) below the bottom of the scapula (shoulder blade)
o wider than the vertical midpoint of the scapula.

b. NO underwear (including sport bras) should be exposed.
• A clear bra strap is acceptable.

Where is that Stick It gif when we need it!