Old WAG Code of Points Source

If you are looking for old codes of points to be able to judge or evaluate older routines a good source to go to is a website called www.gymnasticsresults.com.

Halfway down the main page you’ll see a section called technical information and Old codes. These codes are all in PDF format from the 1979 code all the way to the current for WAG. Please be aware that these codes are to be used “as is” and they do not include all technical updates for that cycle.

A little background to be included about the 1979 code is that that it did not go into it use until 1980. As many people are not aware the Olympics used to begin a gymnastics cycle not end it. The 1980 code used at the Moscow Olympics was also the same code used at the 1984 Olympics, though with some modification and technical updates. The current view of the Olympics ending a cycle did not happen until 1984 and was continue until present, of course excluding the change in the judging system that happened in 2006.

The webmaster for this site is a woman named Beth. If you enjoy this site please send her a friendly email thanking her for her work. She has taken over this site from someone who maintained it for years. And she did updates live during the Olympics in Tokyo.

I suspect she would post other Codes or updates if provided.


GymnasticsResults is a fabulous resource. I didn’t know old Codes were posted.

Here also: but these are originals without updates.