North Korea not going to Tokyo?

Does this affect any gymnasts? Embarrassed not sure who has been active recently.

Kim Su Jong qualified in worlds 2019 as an individual. I suppose it goes to the next reserve- not sure who that is though.
MAG didn’t qualify anybody.


Megan Ryan of Ireland was the next qualifier down from 2019 worlds prelims, if that’s the metric they will use. It’s a shame, but also not really a surprise.

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Actually, PRK withdrawing would give Argyro Afrati from Greece a spot in Tokyo. Once they officially withdraw.

Megan Ryan already secured her spot as alternate. Julie Erichson of Norway ruptured her achilles tendon and is unable to compete at the Olympics. Ryan was next in line as no other Norwegian gymnast placed ahead of her and can replace Erichson.

This also moves up Maia Fishwick to the current alternate.

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Ah I’d missed that. Good to know.

After Fishwick, I believe the next three in line would be:
Adela Sajn (Slovenia)
Luciana Alvarado (Costa Rica)
Elina Vihrova (Latvia)

And only WAG is affected. Ri Se-Gwang didn’t make VT finals in Stuttgart and hasn’t participated at World Cups, so he had no chance to qualify.

Adela Sajn’s social media lists her as a retired gymnast, so I’m not sure she’d be taking up a place if one were offered.