No gymnastics ! Oh shucks!

For the Tokyo Olympiad, my Puerto Rico is sending athletes of other sports, but no gymnasts ! That sucks ! My Puerto Rico has had gymnasts, both MAG and WAG, in past Olympics, but not this Olympiad. That is a kicker !! If my Puerto Rico is going backwards in gymnastics, that really bugs me ! This upsets me. Just sayin.

José M.,
from Puerto Rico

Yup no one qualified Jose

Do you like other sports? I like football (men’ and women’s. Been watching the Gold Cup lately.) and got into volleyball at my uni, so I watch a little of that in the Olys, plus whatever else randomly strikes me.


Yes, I like other sports ! I watch many sports on the Olympics, not just gymnastics.

José M.

I hate to say it, but you are correct in that. No gymnast from Puerto Rico qualified, unfortunately. Kicker !!

José M.

I’ve sat for the last 2 days and watched every single female routine from qualifications (yes - even Reagan Rutty from the Cayman Islands) - Thanks Discovery - that’s the best 7 quid I have ever spent! I’m next gonna watch the athletics and Rhythmic - even though I don’t really understand it.