NIL in action Leanne Wong

Her mom’s full time job is making the bows? Wasn’t she a scientist with a pharmaceutical company?

ETA: And her father and brothers also help. Is her family paid labor on this (and do her brothers get a choice)?

I’ll be interested to see how competing NCAA vs deferring next year plays out for her and Jade compared to Jordan/Kayla. A two-month turnaround from NCAA championships (assuming they partake in post-season) to trials seems like it would be a daunting task, not to mention balancing that with a pre-med track

It would’ve been fascinating to see how Florida dealt with losing her, Kayla, and Trinity next year. They’ve got some good recruits coming in this fall, but to replace 3 athletes of their caliber is no small feat.

Losing Thomas and DiCello are 8 big scores to replace. They have to replace Baumann’s floor. We also don’t know if Richards is taking her COVID year (as far as I know, no announcement) which are quite a few post season routines lost.

Yup, of the top teams from last season, only Michigan has more departures with 11. I have 9 for Florida assuming Richards is done and given that Thomas didn’t do BB/FX at NCAAs.

It would be great if they could get even one post-season ready routine from Hurd, but I’m pretty sure she had another surgery within the last few months, so :upside_down_face: Short of that and getting Lazzari back to AA, they’re going to be relying heavily on the freshmen transitioning well.

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I would anticipate Nguyen, Wong, Blakely doing all around often as well as McCusker maybe doing floor in addition to beam and bars.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ferris also in the all around with 2-3 events from Draser and Pilgrim (and maybe even all around from time to time).

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