New Skills and Combinations Thread

Incredible whip immediate full-twisting DLO from Karis German. Look at the landing position of the whip and the set on the DLO 1/1 !!! Looks like she can fit it on the floor diagonal.

Not a fully new pass, Laura campos did it first, but first time at the Olympics i think:

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Mate, have you had a stroke?

That video isn’t Laura campos.

And that pass isn’t whip to DLO 1/1.

Should I call 911?

Campos did 2 whips to DLO before Popa^

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doug baby how did you go aaaall the way to giving me a stroke before you thought “maybe I’m misunderstanding something”.

Thread is “new skills and combos”. So I uploaded one that’s not technically new but done for the first time (and beautifully) at the olympics

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Lol I thought you were responding that Karis German in fact did not do this combination first, and that Laura Campos did whip DLO 1/1 first at the Olympics, and here’s a video to prove it…

Cue a video of Roxana doing whip whip BHS DLO.

Funny how my mind works! Maybe I’m the one having one…!

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Were there any new skills submitted at worlds?

I believe vorona was credited with the 2.5 Wolf turn dismount