New skill on beam

It was only a matter of time. I’m guessing this would get an E if done correctly?

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That’s hideous.

My eyes! That makes wolf turns look better though.

Nope. Text

We all knew this dark day was coming. I am looking forward to Skinner’s attempt.


Thanks for speaking that into existence.

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Definitely not a fan of this.

Yes, the world did not need this at this time…

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Just joining the chorus of JESUS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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If done correctly, I would like even love it but that is a mess.
In her day, I could see this being lovely on Pavlova.

That’s unattractive

It looks like a nasty mistake.

If a Chinese cannot do it properly, no body else can, hope this skill dies a sudden death after the olympics


I don’t think it would even get credit. It doesn’t hit ring and its potentially short of the half turn.

I don’t think a Split 1/4 is in the Code, right? So credit split leap (B) unless they say the front foot is around so credit Split leap 1/2. I think?

Just because that Chinese gymnast can’t do it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t one that could.
I was not impressed by her beam at all. She was not the one.
Someone posted somewhere that this is a skill in rhythmic gymnastics. I wish I knew what it was called so I could see it done well.

I know the FIG made the rule that turning rings must hit ring 1st, THEN turn. Is that a rule that’s carried over from RG?

Totally fugly - my eyes are burning!

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I can’t even.

oh my no

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