New non-acro FX element from Riley Loos

My abs are sore just looking at that and it only gets a provisional B value. Typical.


Let’s please send this video along with the rip off of B value to al the four year fans on Facebook that INSIST that the judges changed the scoring system for Simone Biles because she kept winning too much and that they purposefully undervalued only HER skills so that others had a chance to win.

Judge Judy Reaction GIF

I love it.

What are the other element values for these other non-acro elements usually performed? The flairs and the russians on floor.


I could never do that in a million effing years, that was hot.

Lol like “should it be an H or an I or like a K or something???”


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very beautiful! This actually would be a nice addition to men’s floor, strength artistic moves instead of “let me hop to that other corner and start all over again”


That looks so much cooler than the 20 second prep to go into the widespread handstand (sorry, not sure what the technical term is) that was so common in the past.

(I assume that handstand move was harder than it looked because it seemed so weird that it took so much prep for a gymnast to do when these guys can do those crazy cross moves on rings and whatnot. Or maybe it was just their breathing/break moment in the routine.)

A regular planche is a B. Flairs and Russians vary from A to D depending on how they’re performed.

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Honestly…it makes sense for this to get the same value as a planche. It is a cool skill but from a technical standpoint it’s not that hard and there should be other incentives than letter value for gymnasts to perform these type of skills.

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