New NAIGC team: Grand Canyon University starts M/W gymnastics

I’m not real familiar with NAIGC, but thought hat was club. If this needs moved or deleted, do so with my apologies.

On my Instagram, Gabby Perea (Cal) posted about a brand new team at GCU in Phoenix. I finished high school in that area, so it’s good to see some more college gymn there in the Valley (a former Pitt Assistant is the Co-HC at ASU. That was a home team at one time).

Not aware of who the coaches might be, but that’ll reveal itself soon enough.

What’s GymAct, though, I wonder? NAIGC for now.


GymACT is a coalition of men’s college gymnastics teams that compete under NCAA rules and compete with NCAA teams during the regular season. They cannot compete in the NCAA post season.