New Forum Features - time out?

So nice to be back and see some familiar names/faces!

Just curious about this message - wasn’t quite clear what it meant. I was just reading the thread, not attempting to comment or reply so I found it odd.

You need to wait an hour between posts in this topic

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What thread was it? Just interested to see if it can be replicated?

Sorry… it’s a brand new feature and I didn’t know what it was so I turned it on and forgot to turn it off.

I will turn it off.


I guess an admin/mod tool to use instead of locking a thread?

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It’s actually not a bad idea in certain contexts. But maybe not an hour.

Yah… it’s a feature to give people a “cooling off” period. Slow mode can be set for a custom length and can be set to automatically turn itself off after any amount of time also.