NCAA Week 7 Schedule

What meets are you most excited about? I think that Nebraska/Oklahoma meet will be amazing.

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Army/W&M @ Ohio State is on BigTen+ this weekend.

I watched Air Force and California and they did not use the “head to head” format.
The used the format of teams alternating on two apparatus with a touch warmup between each apparatus.

I was wondering about that. I was watching scores for that meet and noticed. . I wonder why they did that? It is definitely in the rules this year for dual meets.

How did they get away with that? That’s not right at all. Unfair, some might say.

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THat is true. Especially since the other teams doing dual meets are keeping to the rules. The one touch vs not can be huge in how a team performs.

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I never had a one touch in high school gymnastics in Illinois. It was horrible only able to warm up my events before the meet started, and I wasn’t that high level. I can only imagine how not fun it is for elites.