NCAA Seniors COVID year eligibility Yay or Nay!

Victoria and Alyssa did something similar, thanking their teammates and the assistant coaches but did not mention Kupets.

Victora just signed with Florida. I think UF gets one more transfer.

Could it be Norah Flatley?

Curious that Victoria signed with Florida…she probably won’t get much competition time.

Hmmmm, lol

I think for Victoria it was a comfort factor with Morgan? But I do think she can get in the line-ups, maybe not AA.

Norah might decide to stay with different coaching. A new head coach usually brings in their own people so UCLA might be quite different.

Given the situation with the AD at UCLA, I don’t know if I hold much hope for Flatley staying there

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Does signing mean she was able to get a scholarship or that she just joined the team?

She got a scholarship. I am fairly certain there will be one more transfer in and one transfer out. And one of the seniors not coming back (Trinity is coming back I am sure).

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So likely Nya Reed or Savannah Schoenherr isn’t coming back.

Any idea on the transfer? I heard Alex Magee.

Sandra Elsadek (Ball State) has announced she’s transferring to UGA for her fifth year.

Lynnzee Brown is coming back for a sixth year at Denver, and Alexandria Ruiz is taking a fifth


I didn’t realize Lynnzee was eligible for another year. Fingers crossed for a healthy 2023 for her!


Yes. I believe she was able to petition her 2020 year and get it as a red-shirt season. She was injured shortly after the season started and missed February and March meets and then COVID happened.


Ah! So Brown gets a 6th year because she was able to red-shirt her 5th year season…2022 as she was injured in January and had competed in less than 30% of the meets.
Great news that she is going to return though I am curious what she will end up competing. Maybe just bars and beam.
Denver is getting back everyone including all seniors for an additional year so they are in good shape to improve drastically from this year where they still exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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Well, this wasn’t on my bingo card! Abby Brenner to Utah. She’ll be a big help to Utah, who don’t have a very big class coming in.


Yeah, Michigan didn’t have anymore scholarships open and the one they had went to Wojick.