NCAA season over, looking forward to 10 Nationals

Now that NCAA is over for the year, and recruiting is set to open back up, anyone looking forward to Level 10 Nationals and what incoming and potential recruits have to offer?

I definitely am! With the majority of this graduating class’ elites clustered at UCLA/UF, the top JO talent seems more spread out among lower ranked teams. I’m excited to see how Amari Celestine, Lali Dekanoidze, Skyla Schulte, and Selena Harris perform.


It looks like some current UPenn athletes competed JO this year. Sydney Kraez, Rebekah Lashley, and Libby Garfoot (who announced she’s transferring to GW this week) all qualified to compete at Nationals this year.

I think this is pretty cool given the Ivy League didn’t allow winter sports to have a season this year. I can’t think of any rule stating 19+ y/os can’t compete in JO competition, but maybe I’m assuming there’d be some rule of this nature since this is unheard of to me.

I’d probably be annoyed though if I placed 8th/9th and got bumped out of nationals someone who’s competed in NCAA already.

Nationals was great! Did anyone watch for follow along?

Where was it streamed? Not that I had time to watch, but I did follow along. Based on scoring, beam judging was tighter than previous nationals (not a complaint lol). I assume/hope USAG will post top 3 AA/Event from each session on youtube.

Sloane sweeping the SR F titles was super cool. I can see her being a superstar in NCAA, even on a UF team loaded with elites.

Mizzou, MSU, UNC, and Ohio St. had really impressive showings. Overall, it seems the top level ten talent is less concentrated at the top programs which excites me.

it was on Flo :frowning:

Region 5 Insider posted some gold medal routines for their girls. That would be competitors from MI, IN, IL, OH, and KY.

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Utah St. commit competed a Biles on floor!

If it’s true that NCAAs got record viewers for ESPN it seems like one of the bigger networks could get interested in outbidding Flo for rights. Maybe in tthe future.

I found this TV coverage of 2006 JO Nationals. I’ve never heard of CN8, and I have no idea if they even exist anymore, but anybody would be better than Flo.

I think NCAAs was on ABC, at least the Final Four.

I used to work for CN8! They were a casualty of the last recession.

CN8 was Comcast out of Pennsylvania. The show was Gymnastics 360 with Shannon Miller as host.
They covered obscure (non-NBC/FoxSports/ESPN) meets such as Level 10 Nationals, Parkette’s Invitational, Europeans, and NCAA Regionals. It lasted for about 2 or 3 years. I used to record a bunch of meets onto VHS when I was in college as my dorm cable was Comcast and as resident assistant I got the full package free.


They even covered the Brestyan’s Invitational one year.

They broadcast the junior and senior US Classic in '04 and '05.

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I remember looking for a way to get that channel because they had so much gymnastics coverage.

The junior classic in 04 remains one of my favourite meets of all time. I remember the coverage being pretty good, certainly lots of routines were shown. RIP CN8.

June 15th is coming! Can’t wait to see where the newest recruitables commit. Any inside info?

Not sure what thread to put this in, but it looks like Leah Smith is no longer going to UW. She was originally a Cal commit. I wonder where she’ll end up. Selfishly I hope she goes back to Cal, but people on twitter are saying Wieber just followed her mom on insta so it might be Arkansas. I hope it’s anywhere but SEC.

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