NCAA scoring

I know this horse has been beaten to death, brought back to life, and beaten to death for years, but after this regionals weekend, I’m fed up with the scoring once again. The scoring in SLC was embarrassing for the sport, and it wasn’t great at the other sites either (somehow Athens was the least cracky imo LOL).

Like, I honestly think they need to fire the judges, retrain them, and allow only those who demonstrate competence to judge again. Or start sanctioning judges for blatantly ignoring deductions. I’m sick of watching meets where judges either refuse or lack the ability to appropriately judge routines and separate athletes.

If we’re going to assume there’s no way to get judges to actually judge what they see, lower the base SV and make bonus more difficult to get. I’m tired of seeing no differentiation between bare minimum, cookie-cutter routines and athletes who successfully take risks in difficulty/form/originality. If that’s what it takes to never see a 9.9 logjam again, so be it.

Does anyone have any better ideas or insight on how this to remedy this problem? Is the NCAA gym committee even aware of how ludicrous scoring is?

Scoring is just one of the reasons I can’t watch NCAA. I mean, how on earth can a routine have a split of 10.00/9.85?! HOW?!

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I’m not really sure how much of a problem it is. NCAA scoring basically makes it easier and more engaging for the average person to watch. While many of the scores are junk… the concept of scoring with basically 1/4 tenth deductions is kind of fun.

But it’s gotten so bad it’s not engaging even for the average person. I watch gymnastics with folks who aren’t big fans sometimes and even THEY can tell the scoring is shit. They say things to me like “Why is that the same score when it was better than the other one?” They know a 10 is supposed to be perfect, so when judges give a 10 to a routine without a stuck landing (has happened multiple times) it’s INCREDIBLY obvious something’s wrong.

It’s no fun to watch and be able to guess a score before the gymnast even competes. There is a way to keep the scoring exciting, keep the 10.0, etc. and still differentiate routines.


One other problem is teams padding the line ups and then judges not wanting to score later routines lower unless there is a fall.
Florida uses that option a lot specifically on FX and BB to increase the 6th athletes score.

You should get scored appropriately for the routine that you competed and that often does not happen.

I also think judges should be able to score a routine by 1/4 tenths. A judge going 9.850 and a judge going 9.925 is 9.887 but that 9.925 judge instead goes 9.950 and now a routine that shouldn’t get into the 9.9 range is now a 9.9

Yurchenko fulls also need to start from 9.900 we have seen many a 9.900 FTY that have a hop. Should go above a 9.850 so devaluing the FTY would help to differentiate.

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Yes… good point about even the average person being able to tell that the routine was not perfect.

Not really sure what the solution is though.

“Someone give that girl… a handstand” :rofl:

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