NCAA Fantasy Gymnastics 2022

Is anyone playing fantasy gymnastics this year? I played the first time a few years ago and it was fun and I was terrible. The site I used isn’t running it this year but there is another one I found:

There is an option to create your own league instead of being randomly assigned and you can make a few teams and be in different leagues (I made a draft of all Hannahs, Emilys, Taylors, and Peytons just for shits.) If there was enough interest, we could create a gymnaverse league and duke it out for the best “coach”.

“The name’s Tracy. Mary Lee Tracy.”

(Yes, I’d participate, and I like the option of separate leagues compared to the other site.)

I’ll name my team: How many times?..Alyssa…how many times?

My team slogan is: Sometimes Alyssa has too many windows open, and she leaves the drapes open as well.


A team of all first names (especially whitey, Starbucky names), that’s great! :smiley:

I’ve never done fantasy gymn but it’s intriguing. Soccer and gymnastics captivate me the most, but I do love fantasy leagues of America’s “Big Four” sports.