NCAA Athletes Now Allowed To Make MONEY!

Livvy Dunne is going to make a truly insane amount of money.


I find it quite ironic that lots of people seem to be quite excited about the fact Olivia Dunne will be making a lot of money from basically soft porn arse shots on instagram yet also be hailing the wearing of shorts in competition as a huge breakthrough and the way forwards for Womens gymnastics.

A friends non gymnastics teen son is very smitten with her instagram but has no idea who she is or even who LSU is (college gym isn’t a thing in the UK) but he does like her arse.

Not aimed at poster above but at other posts I have seen .

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It’s about giving the women choice. Not every woman is going to make the same choice. Some are comfortable competing in leotards. Some aren’t and want to wear leggings. Some live private lives. Some, like Olivia Dunne, are about to make bank off being fit and pretty. Both choices are fine and it’s good that they (and everything in between) exist.


So, on a non-gym sports podcast, NIL money was discussed and, according to the host, it seems that women are “winning” NIL so far. They brought up the LSU gymnast (Livy Dunne?) and twin female basketball players at Fresno State. No idea if the basketball players are top talent but I could understand the twin thing getting them attention.

I wonder if it is true that women are “winning” NIL and how this pans out in the next few years . . .

Glad that the NIL money will make college an attractive option for our Olympians.

Shocked they didn’t bring up Paige Bueckers. I imagine she will make the most of any women’s basketball player.