NBC to turn off Olympic Channel after 5 years, no immediate plans for airing Olympic sports yet


I guess this means it will all be going to Peacock+, so another subscription to be purchased.

That means that regular or non cable viewers will be limited to US Nationals for WAG most likely.


The Olympic Channel was the only thing I had Hulu for. Peacock is cheaper at least.

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There is a free version of Peacock, but I guess this content will only be on the paid version. Really annoying on principle.

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In 2-5 years, cable as we know it will be extinct.
Similar to how Blockbuster eventually all but died (but that one in Bend, Oregon) so too will cable.
I anticipate multiple channels folding by the end of 2023.

All stations will have their subscription channels …certain free content and the rest you have to subscribe monthly.
It has already started.


It has indeed. We have already “cut the cable” in my house but we have endless individual subscriptions. Some free. most not.

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No surprise there. The Olympic Channel was NBC’s same tired packaging and not accessible to the masses.

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I was going to say that they’d move to a paid thing like they did to figure skating but apparently they are phasing (or have phased) that thing out. I stopped following figure skating when they moved it to that gold sports thing. Hope they figure out how to bring more events. I don’t mind announcer-less coverage of like german nationals and if they can just get rebroadcast right to some of the european stuff, it would be worth getting peacock.

(I cut the cable too and have access to lots of different streaming services through my friends but I rarely use them. Sling TV is what i use most of the time and about 6 channels on that are all I watch. I’m a simple person.)