Nastia's Olympic Outfits


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I don’t have NBC prime time on, but I have been told Nastia’s outfit is A Thing.

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When isn’t Nastia wearing “A Thing”
Dress Up Brady Bunch GIF by TV Land Classic

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Sometimes what she wears is just bad.

And then there is tonight. A friend sent a screen shot. I am at a loss for words.

Where does she find this stuff?

She has a stylist too. Check out her IG some time.

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Johnny Wier gives her the stuff he won’t wear.


What is that? A shirt? A dress? Haute Couture Apron?? A frock left over from a Church Pot Luck dinner when she was say, 12 years old? I just don’t get it.

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I think she is trying to out-do Johnny and Tara but you really need your co-hosts to buy into it and join to really be cool and unique and not just crazy.


You’re shitting us, right? An actual professional stylist? Nastia PAYS someone to make her look like that?!


Cool is just not the word that comes to mind.

Money so well spent.

Nastia posted these ~fashion~ shots to her Twitter.

I’m speechless.

Sometimes, I think stylists are delusional…same with fashion designers actually.

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Ok. Now it makes perfect sense. Thanks for posting this Robin. Very helpful. Nastia is competing in a human Barbie Doll competition. I think she has a real shot at gold if she can accessorize properly.


Why is she dressed like a squid

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Nastia had pics of a young guy helping her pack. There were beaucoup suitcases for everything snd I thought she thanked her stylist, that guy. But everywhere else she says her clothing stylist is Gabriela Tena.

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That does explain her choices for Trials! Pretty sure my Barbies in the '80s has outfits very similar to these.

She really leans into the puffy sleeve style – thwarted Anne of Green Gables aspirations?

I actually don’t mind the outfits. It’s her hair that drives me nuts.


Seriously - are there no feckin mirrors in the Liukin household - she dresses like some Eastern European Mafia skank hoe extra from The Hunger Games. Why would anyone over 6 years old wear purple trousers???

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