Nastia Liukin Cup 2/26/2021

Let’s start this new thread.

Should we start a new thread for the Nastia Cup or just use this one? Anyone else tuned in? They started with Terry talking about the Geddert situation and he managed to keep it pretty neutral and still sympathetic towards the gymnastics. Not sensationalized anyway.

I’m watching and while I see why they have to have Nastia as a commentator but I really think this would be better with Bart and Kathy. They would at least be telling us the moves being done. Though, to be fair, after years of yelling at them to shut up during competitions, I really can’t complain that they are being pretty quiet, especially during FX.

Live results:

Not watching it yet. Just got back from a doctor. I thought an NBC channel had this. Is there a livestream anywhere?

On the NBCSN app I connected without having to log in. But I switched to the NBC Sports on Hulu.

I was pretending to work with it on in the background so I wasn’t able to watch closely but there are some colleges out there that are going to be getting some outstanding athletes.